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Road Bike

Road Bike Deals

We have searched the internet for the best road bike bargains in the UK. But please read our buyers guide below to help you decide which is the best bike for you.

How much to spend on a road bike

It’s good to set yourself a budget for your bikes otherwise you can easily be enticed to spend more and more. As a guide you can get a decent budget road bike for between £500 & £1000. The 2019 Felt FR40 is a bargain now with 30% off at £769. Whereas a serious racing bike will cost between £1,000 (for a single speed) up to £3,000 for a carbon bike with full gears. If you are in the market for a high end bike there is a great 50% off deal on the 2019 Wilier Zero 7 Ultegra Di2 at the moment.

Single Speed or Gears?

If you are not planning on cycling up steep hills and you have strong legs then you may be able to get away with a single speed bike. This can save you a lot of money as single speed bikes only have one gear so they use less components and therefore have a lower manufacturing cost. If you live in a hilly area a single speed simply won’t work for you unless you have legs of steel.

Drop Handle Bars or Flat Handlebars?

This will depend on how seriously you take your cycling. Drop handles are useful for increasing aerodynamics and make you more efficient on the bike. Though this ‘tucked in’ position is not the most comfortable for the average cyclist. So if you are serious about going fast then drop handles are for you where as if you are more interested in comfort than speed you will probably prefer a flat handlebar.

Carbon Frame or Alloy Frame?

Carbon frames are very lightweight and therefore more efficient, but they do come at an extra cost. As a rough guide you will struggle to find a carbon road bike for under £1k but they can be found; like the 2020 Vitus Zenium Road Bike which can be purchased for £999.99. Generally, an Alloy frame will do the job for you unless you are serious about covering huge distances.

Racer or Touring bike?

There are subtle differences between a racing bike and a touring bike, but they can make a lot of difference on the road. A racing bike has an aggressive geometry and light weight frame that is designed for going fast whereas a touring bike has more of a relaxed geometry and a stronger frames so that it can be used for covering long distances with panier racks for bike packing.

How to get a great deal on a road bike?

This is where we can help, we search the internet to find the best road bike bargains in the UK so you don’t have to. There are some great discounts available in last year's models and if you are lucky to be either a small or an extra large then further bargains will be available. Find your bike deal now.