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Hybrid and City Bike Deals

Choose from the best Hybrid and City Bike Deals

Hybrid and City Bike Deals

We can help you find a great deal on your new hybrid bike. We search the internet to find bargains which often come from last years models, unpopular colours or uncommon sizes. Before buying your new bike please read our buyers guide below.

What is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is a mixture of a road bike and a mountain bike. This means it can perform well on the road but also it can cope off-road when needed. This combination makes hybrid bikes especially useful for an everyday commuter bike (also known as a city bike) as they deal well with potholes and gravel paths without the added weight of a mountain bike. They remain efficient enough for a long commute and often come with pannier racks and sometimes mud guards which can be useful when commuting. Hybrid bikes can also make good touring bikes if you are planning an adventure.

How much should you spend on a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes are cheaper that more specialised mountain bikes and road bikes because they do not have suspension like mountain bikes or super lightweight components like high-end road bikes. For this reason, you can get a decent hybrid bike from between £400 & £1,500.

Should a hybrid bike have suspension?

In our opinion a hybrid bike should not have suspension. A hybrid bike will be used mainly on the road but have the capability to ride off road when needed. The off-road capability usually comes from higher volume tyres than a standard road bike.

Where can you get a great deal on a hybrid bike?

There are some great hybrid bike deals to be had on the following websites.