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BMX Bargain Bike

BMX Bargain Bike Deals

We have searched the internet for the best BMX bike bargains in the UK.

What is a BMX bike?

BMX is an acronym for Bicycle Motocross. The motocross part of the name refers to the style of riding that these bikes were designed for. BMX bikes were initially used for racing on tracks with jump and banked corners (berms). These days they are also used as a freestyle bike that can be used in skate parks or just for nipping around town in style.

A BMX is small but sturdy which means it is manoeuvrable enough for tight turns and tricks but also strong enough to jump off curbs or even down flights of stairs (don’t try this at home). They come with 20 inch wheels which help with a low centre of gravity and quick acceleration.

Who makes the best BMX bikes?

Some of the most popular BMX bike brands are listed below -

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