UK Bike Deals Of The Week (Week 25)

Men's Retro Hybrid

Best Men’s Hybrid Deal

Creme Caferacer Man Solo Urban Bike | £850 | Size Small / Medium

There’s a still limited stock of this stunning men’s cafe racer style hybrid bike. With 7 speed gears from an internal Shimano hub and RevoShift shifters, accelerating off from the traffic lights will be no problem as you leave cars behind you. The smooth Kenda tyres will allow you to keep moving quickly without too much effort meaning you won’t be turning up to work out of breath. There are only a few of these left in stock in Small / Medium size so if that suits you, grab one whilst you can.


Best Men’s Road Bike Deal

Eddy Merckx Criterium Claris Road Bike | £764 (10% Off) | All Sizes

Eddy Merckx makes retro road bikes with modern components. The Criterium Claris is a great option for those who don’t like the look of a modern racer. There are no bright colours and carbon fibre here but a lightweight steel frame that will soak up the bumps on our British roads. Modern components from Shimano & Tektro gives reliability with retro style. Available in all styles and colours and with 10% which is very rare considering current demand.


Best BMX Deal

Stolen Stereo BMX Deal | £315 | One Size

There’s 20% off this entry level BMX Bike which means you get a lot for your money. It comes with a hi-tensile hand welded frame which will take pretty much anything you can throw at it. The Fiction Troop 2.30″ tyres will help you land tricks and jump with ease. We’ve checked the spec and there’s no catch, this is a quality BMX for well under £350. Amazing!


As always, if these bikes are not for you then please contact us with what you are looking for.

UK Bike Deals of the Week (Week 24)

This week we try and find the best budget bikes that are still in stock in the UK. There is unprecedented demand for bikes at the moment so finding stock of cheaper bikes is a challenge. But we have scoured the internet and found the follows bike deals.

Best Budget Road Bike

Fuji Feather Single Speed | £530 | Size Small (19.5 inch)

Fuji Feather Single Speed

There are couple of these gorgeous Fuji Feather single speed bikes still available. A single speed bike is not perfect for everyone but if you cycle around the city then this bike could be ideal for you. With low maintenance and reliability coupled with with the sheer acceleration that you get with a single speed bike you will be able to cut your commuting time down compared to any other mode of transport.


Best Budget Electric Mountain Bike

Vitus E-Sentier Hardtail Electric MTB | £1955 (15% Off) | Size Small, Large & XL

Vitus E-Sentier Hardtail Electric MTB

There’s 15% off this entry level electric mountain bike. This is the lowest price decent electric mountain bike we can find. It comes with 29 inch WTB Serra tyres & wheels which will allow you to tackle the majority of off road tracks. We love the modern geometry and whilst the forks are basic they do the job and can easily be upgraded when you want to take your riding to the next level. Because of it’s relatively low weight this bike performs well on single track mountain paths.


Best Budget Mountain Bike

Cube Aim SL 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike | £599 | Size Small & Medium

Cube Aim SL Deal

The Cube Aim SL is a great entry level mountain bike which will perform as well on the mountain as it does in the local park. We love the tan Schwalbe Smart Sam 2.25 inch tyres and the Aluminium frame is a good base in case you want to upgrade components in the future. There are not many mountain bikes with hydraulic disk brakes still available at this price so be quick if this is what you are looking for.


As always please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for and we will find a bike for you.

World Bicycle Day 2020 | Deals Of The Day

To celebrate World Bicycle Day we have scoured the internet and put together our bike deals of the day.

Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Deal

Wilier 101X Mountain Bike | £2449 (66% Off) | Size Medium

Wilier 101X Mountain Bike Special Offer

This race ready hardtail mountain bike currently has 66% off in size medium. At just over 10kg in weight and carbon frame this is a serious race machine. The Fox Float 100mm fork will deal with pretty much anything single track can throw at you. There’s only one left at this price so be quick if this bike is for you.


Best Downhill Mountain Bike Deal

Kona Supreme Operator Downhill Bike | £2,519 (60% Off) | Size Small

There’s a massive 60% off this Kona Supreme Operator Downhill Bike. With its X01 drivetrain and SRAM Guide brakes it’s built ready out of the box to hammer down the steepest of hills. The RockShox Boxxer Forks are what Pro DH racers win races with. Only available in size small.


Best Women’s Road Bike

Felt FR5W | £1799 (20% Off) | Size Medium & Large

This Felt FR5W women’s racing bike is ready to race. It comes with a carbon fibre frame, Shimano 105 drivetrain and hydraulic disk brakes to scrub off the speed. Available with 20% off in frame size 20″ & 21″ which would suit anyone from 5′ 6″ upwards. Whether you are looking to increase you fitness or race across the UK, this bike will make you faster.


As always, if these bike aren’t for you, please let us know what you are looking and we will do our best to find a great bike that suits your needs.

UK Bike Deals of the Week (Week 23)

Orbea Occam Mountain Bike Deal

Best Electric Hybrid Bike Deal

Ghost Hybride Square Trekking Bike | £2,339 | Small & Medium

Electric Hybrid Bike Deal

There is currently an extra 10% off this Electric Hybrid Bike. This makes a great commuting or exploring bike with Suntour forks to soak up the bumps. The 9 speed gearing coupled with the Bosch Intuvia Motor will have you effortlessly flying down road and gravel tracks without breaking a sweat.


Best Girls Bike Deal

Crème Molly Girls Bike | £360 (£90 Off) | Small & Medium

ladies poka dot bike

There’s still stock available of this stunning girls town bike. With 3 gears, 24-inch wheels and aluminium frame this bike will nip around town in style. Available in Pistachio Polka Dot, Ivory Chic & Mango colours. There’s even a basket for those picnic in the park days. Last few remaining.


Best 29 Inch Wheeled Mountain Bike Deal

Orbea Occam H30 | £1,999 | Medium

There is 1 x medium left off this stunning Orbea full suspension mountain bike. It comes with 140mm of travel from the well renown Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork. The frame is made from a blend of different fibres to give a strong but lightweight chassis. If you are looking for a full suspension trail bike in size medium then you are in luck.


As always, if you are look for something different to the bikes listed above then please contact us and we will do our best to find a bike to suit you. We are seeing an unprecedented demand for bikes at the moment but we will do our best to find you what you need.

Getting set up for a Bikepacking adventure

How to set up for Bikepacking

Bikepacking is a great way to explore an area. You can cover much more ground than backpacking so you get to see and experience more of the outdoors with your precious free time. This is why Bikepacking is growing in popularity and is one of our favourite ways to explore our National Parks in the UK.

Setting yourself and your bike up with the right gear will make your exploring more enjoyable.

What sort of bike do you need for Bikepacking?

They used to say the best Bikepacking bike is the bike you own but that isn’t quite true these days as we ride so many different variations of bikes that not all bikes are suitable.

Hardtail Mountain Bike
Generally speaking a hardtail mountain bike is the most suitable bike for Bikepacking on all terrains. Make sure the frame has pannier mounts so that you can bolt on a pannier rack as this will enable to carry much more gear than with a rucksack or frame bags.  Some carbon fibre frames do not have pannier mounts which is not ideal although there are solutions for this which we will come to later.
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Gravel Bike
A gravel bike is also a great option for Bikepacking. With a gravel bike you sacrifice comfort (as gravel bikes do not have suspension) for efficiency. The lighter weight frame and smaller tyres mean you will be able to cover much more distance than on a mountain bike. If you are going to be doing a fair bit of road riding on your expeditions then a gravel bike is well worth considering.
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Bikepacking on a gravel bike
Touring Bike
A touring bike is built specifically for long adventures with a solid frame and tyres which will reliably cover mile after mile.  Some touring bikes come with pannier racks already fitted to the the bike, sometimes front and rear. A tourer is best suited to long road expeditions. The solid tyres can cope with gravel track but they are not the most comfortable in an off road situation.
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How to carry your camping gear on your bike?

Bikepacking set up
Pannier Rack & Panniers
The most popular way to carry your camping gear and provisions is by using a pannier rack and panniers. This will give you around 40 liters of storage space in your panniers (which can be water proof) and more storage space on top of your pannier rack which can be used for tents, sleeping bags or sleeping mats. Good quality panniers lock on the the pannier rack which is ideal if you plan to ride off-road. This is the preferred option for those epic expeditions where you need a lot of gear and the security of having a set up that will survive mile after mile.
Find Pannier Deals >>>

Saddle Bag, Frame Bag & Handlebar Bag
It is becoming increasingly popular to use a combination of numerous Bikepacking specific bags at different points of the bike frame.

  • Handlebar bag – A roll bag that hangs over the handlebars and can take around 10 litres

  • Seat Bag – An extended seat bag which can take around 10 litres

  • Frame Bag – A frame bag can be fitted either under the top tube or on top of the top tube and can vary between 1 & 4 litres

It’s difficult to carry quite as much gear as it is with a pannier rack so this option works better in summer, but lets face it, that is when we do mot of our adventuring in the UK. It also works well for racing in summer Bikepacking events such as the GB Duro.
The benefits of riding with this multi bag set up are as follows –

  • Weight saving – Without the need for a metal pannier rack you can save a decent amount of weight by choosing this set up

  • Weight distribution – With weight on the front and rear of the bike the weight is distributed more evenly. Having all the weight on the rear of a bike can make it want to wheelie somewhat!

  • Works on all bikes – You can’t use a pannier rack on a full suspension bike, where as this set up will work. This is also a good option if you have a hardtail bike without pannier mounts.

  • Versatility – If you don’t need a handle bar bag then you can remove it and just use your saddle bag.

What camping gear should you take Bikepacking?

Lightweight camping gear is a must. You will not be able to take your family camping tent. Either a very good quality lightweight backpacking tent or a bivy bag and tarp combination work well.

What about food and cooking gear?

This is down to personal preference. You can save a lot of weight by just taking ready cooked meals but personally, we think you can’t beat a cooked meal at the end of the day. A lightweight camping stove is a good idea as it can mean a warm meal at night and cup of coffee in the morning. Here are some great options –

Now you should be ready to go exploring. It’s good to remember is that it’s not about the gear, it’s about getting out and exploring and seeing new areas with friends. Some good quality kit can help increase your enjoyment but it’s not essential. Go and explore!

UK Bike Deals of the Week (Week 22)

Whyte G170 Special Offer

Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Deal

Cube Acid 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike | £949 | Small, Medium & Large

Cube Acid Hardtail

The Cube Acid is ready for proper mountain use. It comes with the well regarded RockShox Recon Silver suspension fork for which is well regarded as a high performing lightweight fork. The SRAM Eagle NX groupset will last well and the Shimano BR-MT400 trigger brakes will stop you dead on the steepest of trails. We love the look of the tan walled tires (Schwalbe Smart Sam) coupled with the Bluey Grey paintwork. There are still a good range of sizes available if you are quick.

Best Price >>>

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Deal

Whyte G170 C RS 27.5 Mountain Bike 2018 | £2,699 | Medium

Whyte G170 Special Offer

There’s a bargain to be had on the 2018 version of the Whyte G170 C RS. This is a burly Enduro bike with 170mm of travel front and back. The bike is light enough to be used as an all mountain bike but has enough room for bigger tyres for those downhill days if needed. It comes fully equipped with RockShox Lyric fork, Deluxe metric rear shock & Reverb dropper seatpost. There are 5 left at this price at the time of writing so be quick if you are in the market for such a bike.

Best Price >>>

Best Budget Road Bike Under £1000

Trek Domane AL 4 | £810 | Medium (54cm)

Trek Domane AL 4 Special Offer

There’s 10% off this lightweight Aluminium road bike with carbon fork. This bike is built for long distances. It comes with full Shimano Tiagra groupset with the rest of the components being made my Bontrager. All in all it’s a great entry into the Trek Domane range which can be upgraded at a later date if needed. If you measure between 163 & 170cm then this could be the perfect road bike for you.

Best Price >>>

As always, if you are look for something different to the bikes listed above then please contact us and we will do our best to find a bike to suit you.

UK Bike deals of the Week (Week 21)

De Rosa King XS Discounted

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Deal

Felt Edict 3 Full Suspension Bike | £1899 | Size Small

If you are small (5’3 > 5’7”) there’s a great deal (46% discount) to be had on the Felt Edict 3 on Chain Reaction cycles. This is a great all mountain bike with 120mm of travel up front and 10mm rear travel which is more than enough to explore any mountain in the UK. A SRAM GX drive train is well regarded and will last and last.

Felt Edict 3 Full Suspension MTB

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Best Women’s Specific Bike Deal

Whyte Women’s Victoria 2020 | £679 | Size Large

Whyte Womens MTB Deal

Cycle Surgery have £120 off the Whyte Women’s Victoria 2020. This is a great trail bike that would make brilliant all rounder on or off road. It does not come with suspension but has high volume tyres that will soak up bumps on gravel tracks. This model is only available in size large which would suit anyone from 5’8” to 6’0”.

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Best High-End Road Bike Deal

De Rosa King XS Ultegra Road Bike 2018 | £3159 |Medium


De Rosa King XS Discounted

There’s a beautiful De Rosa King XS road bike on offer on Chain Reactions cycles with 33% discount. With its carbon fibre frame, it is an incredibly light bike that will have you tearing up the hills. I think the photo speaks for itself with this bike as it is absolutely stunning in its Grey colour scheme. Be quick though as there is only one left at this price.

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